Am I


Sometimes here, sometimes there but never I am in-between
Going on, well, in leaving the path I’m on

Am I? No! I’m not now
Can’t hear myself, I don’t know how

I scream here in silence but there’s no one who could hear
I scream here in silence, on and on and on I loose control

There’s no touch from outside, there’s no word I could reply on
Only tranquility became my need

Am I? …

I scream here in silence …

While I’m sitting here in my self-made silence a strange substance is reaching my brain
And I wonder what drugs can cause inside of your inner balance
And while it goes higher and higher in spirals through my tortured veins
A scene is played in front of my imaginary eye, where I see some birds flying over me
And they’re singing. It’s just a little melody which is growing bigger and bigger
Like a symphony inside of my ear

I feel a touch from outside
Some distant words, they flow
Deep in my tranquility I start to fade to now
Well, I feel the touch. I’m here, not there
It feels like being in-between
I try to hold this moment tight.
But suddenly stops and again, I leave

I scream here in silence …