• Cover : Surreal
    Surreal is our newest album with 8 tracks and 70 minutes of playing time. With their ingenious progressive metal – some of the songs are also allowed to go beyond [...]
    • 105:30Ladder Of Some Dream
    • 211:01Lost (Chapter II)
    • 307:26Am I?
    • 408:23Be Careful On The Secret Path
    • 506:14Power & Love
    • 608:40House Of Cards
    • 706:31In The Eye Of The Beholder
    • 816:24Surreal
  • Cover : By The Light Of The Dark Star
    The album with 6 songs and 55 minutes of playing time culminates in the 27-minute “Menace From The Inner Core”, which tells the story of an expedition to the planet [...]
    • 105:33Lost (Chapter I)
    • 207:19Therapy Of Illusions
    • 304:34Spook
    • 407:00Slave Of Lust
    • 504:35Contact
    • 627:03Menace From The Inner Core
  • Cover : The Ladder Of Some Dream
    On this Maxi single with 3 songs and 20 minutes of playing time Emerald Edge prove their musical prowess once again, that they have mastered both catchy (Ladder Of Some [...]
    • 1The Ladder Of Some Dream
    • 2Am I
    • 3Be Careful On The Secret Path
  • Cover : Lost (Chapter I)
    Lost (Chapter I) is the first release with Alice Aschauer as singer and Alessio Nocita as keyboarder. On the nearly 35-minute EP are new tracks as well as songs already [...]
    • 106:06Lost (Chapter I)
    • 207:18Therapy Of Illusions
    • 309:05Terrify
    • 407:30Mysterious Seasons
    • 511:42Shade Of The Dragon
  • Cover : Livestation
    This DVD was filmed on April 30, 2006 at the Dortmund Livestation as part of the Emergenza Finale Ruhrgebiet 2006, as this was the last public performance with Tanja Maul [...]
    • 1Just In Time
    • 2The Mirror Speaks
    • 3Therapy Of Illusions
    • 4Slave Of Lust
    • 5Terrify
    • 6Shade Of The Dragon
  • Cover : The Mirror Speaks
    The first album tells the story of a addicted person and how they find their way back into life. The six songs were recorded by the band in summer 2004.
    • 1Under Control
    • 2Terrify
    • 3A Crack In The Mirror
    • 4Mysterious Seasons
    • 5Shade Of The Dragon
    • 6The Mirror Speaks
  • Cover : Under Control
    This Maxi-CD was released during the band’s first public appearance at Rock Am Ding 2004. As not all the songs for the album The Mirror Speaks had been recorded yet, this [...]
    • 1Under Control
    • 2Shade Of The Dragon