With “Surreal” the prog metal quintet Emerald Edge releases their second longplayer, the successor to the album “By The Light Of The Dark Star” from 2013. With their ingenious progressive metal – some songs are allowed to go beyond the 20-minute format – Emerald Edge’s five thoroughbred musicians have made a good name for themselves in the region and have proven their mastery of their instruments at numerous concerts since their foundation in autumn 2003.

The idea for Emerald Edge came from the two remaining founding members Volker Faas, guitar, and Martin Wendler, bass and backing vocals, both admitting fans of genre greats such as Dream Theater, Rush and Marillion, but also Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and Metallica. Initially started as an instrumental trio, female vocals completed the band’s own compositions in 2004. Today’s singer and violinist, Alice Aschauer, joined the band in 2006. After various lineup changes, drummer Artur Wlossek and keyboarder Robert Köhler complete the versatile quintet.

Also on “Surreal” Emerald Edge prove courage to the melody, which does not mean that a single song must consist only of chorus and verse: The opposite is the case – in one song other bands would find enough material for five or six songs. With their eight compositions, they once again underline their credo to set themselves no musical boundaries, to think outside the box and to face up to new challenges. And it is not least thanks to Alice Aschauer’s electric violin that the polished emerald not only sparkles, but begins to shine unexpectedly over and over again.