It began in the middle of 2002 when Volker wrote the instrumental “Shade Of The Dragon”. Shortly afterwards, Martin and the idea of founding a progressive instrumental project was born. Until the end of the year “Mystrious Seasons” was created as another piece. Soon, however, both musicians found that their songs lacked a voice, contrary to the original idea, which would certainly enhance the whole thing. However, it was agreed from the beginning that a female voice should complete the project.

In November 2003 drummer Andreas Christ joins them. His many years of experience as a musician will be an enrichment for the project, which has meanwhile grown into the band “Emerald Edge”. However, the search for a singer turned out to be difficult, as one had a very precise idea of the voice. Four months later, Tanja Maul was finally chosen as a singer.

They immediately began to arrange the already existing material suitable for singing, whereby “Mysterious Seasons” remained an instrumental one. This was followed by “Under Control” and “Terrify”before the first photo session at Moyland Castle in April 2004. At the same time, the concept idea for the first demo was born. The story of an addict on the way through his or her addiction should be told.

The Mirror Speaks

The title song was completed in time for their first public performance at the end of May. In addition, the demo single Under Control was released in a limited edition of 100 CDs. Already after their second gig at “Rock am Ding” they were already sold out. During the summer, the band recorded their first demo with the songs Under Control, Terrify, A Crack In The Mirror, Mysterious Seasons, Shade of The Dragon and The Mirror Speaks, which was released on 31.10.2004 as part of a performance on Halloween.

In the next one and a half years the band will play another 15 concerts, among others at Emergenza, where they made it to the local finals and in the opening act of Xandria. Another highlight is the bus trip with 40 fans to the Emergenza Finale in Cologne on 10.7.2005. At the end of 2005 Alessio Nocita finally found the long sought-after keyboarder in Alessio Nocita. With him, the musicians now have more possibilities to create their music.


In March 2006 Tanja leaves the band after 2 years because of musical differences. The performance on 30.04.2006 at the Emergenza Finale Ruhrgebiet in Dortmund was the last one with her voice. The band filmed this performance and released it on the DVD “Livestation”. The DVD documents the last 2 years with Tanja as a singer and will be released on the day exactly 2 years after “The Mirror Speaks” also on Halloween as part of a concert. Since the musicians had not yet found a new voice at that time, they invite the singers Alice Aschauer and Ralf Grah, as well as the singer Sabrina Kretschmann, to join them for this evening.

The search for a new singer proved to be very difficult, which is why the four remaining musicians did not want to rule out a male voice. Shortly after the concert Alice Aschauer becomes the new singer of Emerald Edge. His powerful and versatile voice as well as his enormous stage presence add a whole new touch to the songs. The band officially introduces him to the fans at the concert in the Cologne discotheque All Area. A new chapter begins for Emerald Edge. The five musicians are now working intensively on new songs for their next album and are re-recording parts of the album “The Mirror Speaks”. At the end of 2007 the single “Lost (Chapter I)” including “Therapy Of Illusions” and “Terrify”will be released.

By The Light Of The Dark Star

In June 2008 the recordings for the second album “By The Light Of The Dark Star”will start. The five musicians are supported by Markus Frehn (C-Fiction). A total of 6 tracks are recorded, whereby “Menace From The Inner Core” is almost 30 minutes long. The recording sessions last until the summer of 2009.5 musicians perform occasionally at concerts, but they want to concentrate fully on the recordings, which is why the stage has to wait a little longer. At the beginning of the mixing sessions in September 2009, Andreas Christ and Emerald Edge parted ways after 6 years.

Off into the future

Almost 3 months later, Artur Wlossek takes over the chair behind the drums. Through him you can get new influences into the band and start writing a new song “Lost (Chapter II)” and work up the old material. In October 2010, Artur will be giving his live debut as a drummer in the Düsseldorf AK47, where the musicians will also be presenting further new material.

The decision to continue working on new material and to postpone the release of “By The Light Of The Dark Star” is also made there, as the response to the new pieces is positive throughout. A year later the Maxi-CD “The Ladder Of Some Dream” is finished with three songs.

It’s not until 2013 that the band will be back on stage with a setlist of two and a half hours. A total of 10 concerts will feature songs from ten years of band history. In August 2013 “By The Light Of The Dark Star”will finally be released. The CD is only available at concerts and in Shop.

In August 2014 the band goes back into the studio to record eight new songs in their own production. The recordings are delayed, however, as Alessio Nocita leaves the band at the end of 2014 for professional reasons. The recordings are put on hold until a new keyboarder is found. The band returns to the stage with four of them and plays a few concerts before Robert Köhler takes up his job as a new keyboarder in autumn 2015. But before the recordings of the new album can be continued, further concerts are planned.

The recordings can finally be continued in the summer of 2016. The remaining vocal tracks and the keyboards are recorded and the album is then mixed. The album “Surreal” will be released in spring 2017.