Standing at the shoreline, awake you don’t look back.
You listen to the wind, he tells you not to crash.
A few steps ahead you see footprints in the sand.
They lead you away from the safe part of the land.

Here I am the helping fairy on the heels of a scattered man.
Provided with wisdom and sly answers you’ll be a victim of my false charm.
I’ll let you bleed, I heal your wounds, but you won’t expose my plan.
You hear voices inside your head. Trust me they are false alarm!

I am calling you! – I’ll be there.
Now I’m tearing my – inside out.
Can I trust in you? – Take my hand!
I will wait for you. – Terrify!

Follow the horizon into the fog of forgiveness.
Surrounded by emotions you fall deeper into bitterness.
Alone in the dark, so hot that you can’t breathe.
You flee from yourself still being underneath.

I’m with you right by your side. Raise your hand and reach for me!
Promise you to cover your problems with the help of my seductive smile.
Can’t you feel? Can’t you hear? The crawling whisper makes you see
a paradise just build for you. Entangled for a while.

I am calling you…

Just in the name of the one that will hear you voice screaming: „Help!“.
You have to find the line in the sand that shows you the way to survive.
Please let the mirror speak to your mind before the fairy will reign
over thousands of splinters inside a man torn in two.

On and on you scream for her.
She will not take it away from you.

Still hopeless you look in her eyes and you see
a vanishing light to tired to be.
Longing for more you try to wipe out the dust
that cover your heart and steals your trust.

I want your on your knees begging for lost harmony.
Struggle your instinct, betray your mind. I’ll be there to be your guide.
Don’t you see? Don’t you want me against your agony?
A fairytale once again. No longer I will hide.

I am calling you…

Just in the name…