Lost (Chapter II)


Journey ending soon
Coast comes nearer and nearer
It feels to her like he’d been here
Already holding her in his arms

Breathing in some distant air
Turning apart she remembered on the day she left
While a hot lonely tear reflects the memories of home, of sanctuary

aquae frigidae sunt

A woman’s journey now comes to an end, – she thinks
But I know this ship will sink
Husband, – already waiting
Yet he doesn’t know how this chapter will end

Ocean’s opening its gates, – voice fading low
Swallowed by the creature from beneath
There ´s no time to say goodbye, -no time for memories of home, of sanctuary

While some tears run slowly, dripping on the steaming oceans surface I will go through
It seems to be gate to my end

Get twisted around, I’m loosing control, thoughts are fading
Fading low, the screams all around are supporting my own

I’m falling, – someone’s tears
I hear them calling me back home
Someone’s waiting but there’s no answer I could give
Floating through the silent greenish blue

I’m falling, blue light’s calling me, well, to take my final step, I let it end
I’m leading myself all the way through.
Out of the gates of life I flow, entering the gates of death

I am the dark, I am the fire, I am the peace, – your own truth
I am the pain, – I’m also lust. I am the wind, the fire, the water, the earth

Lost, – I’m falling. Blue light‘s calling. Death surrounding me
Teardrops falling. Surface’s steaming. Ocean has taken me away