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The unexpected, the inscrutable untold

Passion, dynamic, fantasy

Listen! watch!

An image made of sounds and words – sophisticated, fragile, and even powerful

Emerald Edge is a progressive metal band based in the greater Duesseldorf/ Cologne area. The band arrives with five thoroughbred musicians who made a name for themselves not only in their hometown. Since the band has been formed, they proved their musicianship at numerous concerts and festivals. Emerald Edge just released their second long-player „Surreal“, the follow-up album of the debut „By The Light Of The Dark Star“ which came out in 2013. Eight new ’surreal‘ songs prove again the band’s truth and belief to step outside the genre and go on rising to new challenges. The guys do not know musical limits. And thanks to the special sound of Alice Aschauer’s violin or Martin Wendler’s didgeridoo, their polished emerald edges will not only gleam but virtually start to radiate each time when you least expect it.

Alice Aschauer Vocals & Violin
Volker Faas Guitar & Backing Vocals
Robert Köhler Keyboards
Martin Wendler Bass, Didgeridoo & Backing Vocals
Artur Wlossek Drums


The band’s current album was recorded in 2016 and released as part of a release party on 4 March 2017.

This is the video for the song „Ladder Of Some Dream“ taken from their latest album „Surreal“.

Lost (Chapter II)
Am I
Be Careful On The Secret Path
Power & Love
House Of Cards
In The Eye Of The Beholder
Ladder Of Some Dream (Album Version)


Emerald Edge have already demonstrated their ability to enchant the audience with their music and a unique performance at numerous concerts. The five musicians were even able to attracted fans who have not had any direct relationship to metal music, with their unique combination of different musical styles. This is a live version of „House Of Cards“. It was the second encore filmed at the release party for their latest album „Surreal“, preceded by a drum solo by Artur Wlossek.




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