Lost (Chapter I)


I´m standing here, waiting for my love to come
Flowers in my hands, leaves fall slowly down to ground
Rotting to soil, I´m standing on and on
But there´s no ship in sight – nothing

Want you! Please come home
You´re my need – lost treasure

Drippin´ wet coat, feeling sticky on my skin
Minutes to hours to days and to weeks
Tears invisible, touching the rain
Still nothing in sight, hope is fading

You, ocean might have won
But there´s still a little piece of hope

Stand! Dream! Time! Nothing!
There? No? Cry? No? Answer hurts!
Lost treasure, come home,
See never again…

I dream alone in the dark my friend
Mortal soul, on a tear-filled lake
Pains success eating me up until
Hope is lost, drowned by the seas

Hope is lost, it´s done
You, ocean, you have won