House Of Cards


Be the haunted
Feel the claw
It touches you
To take control of you

Come and enter the halls of destiny
Join the moment, see all the beautiful games
I’ve prepared to play, – whom is that shape around there
Is it yours, or is it mine, – what does the mirror tell you?

Enter the space of incredibilities
Here we are now, – let’s see if you may leave

Play the game, be the same
But never ask me
Follow your heart, just be yourself, step apart
There’s no why, there’s no how
Just feel it
Take your chance and find a path out of here

Don’t you hesitate, follow your instinct
Your anxiousness will make you fail

I’m the constructor, – you’re welcome to my trap
Walls of illusion, get stuck in what I plug
Why are you wimping out, – does this overtax you?
This is a game, boy. It’s no democracy!

Play the game …

Don’t you hesitate …

Stay brave man, on the road you’re on
Don’t ask me, only ask the game

Let me lead you through your darkest hour
Come on in, – trust me, wherever you are from
I am the master, and you are my slave
This is it, a game, man, my code, my master plan

Why quivering, such an attractive task
Let’s start now, well, the dice is cast

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind
Nothing ventured, nothing gained

I play your game, be the same
Don’t you underestimate?
I follow my heart, just be myself, to gain…
Little strokes fell big oaks
Just feel it
Took my chance to find a path out of here

One good turn deserves another
Your proudness has made you fail.