Be Careful On The Secret Path


Breathing sun, bluish haze, that’s like it sounds to me
Choirs fade to pictures in my eyes
Deep I fall into myself
Sonic swarm, – it paints
Near the surface lifting streams
Gentle turbulence, – I breathe in slowly,
Getting loss of all that binds
Far from outside looking in,
Taking hold of limbus’s grin
Sparkling spring, – in images it sings

Inverted scene, disharmony
Sculpted fear, clay starts moving
Black heart, I’m your delirium

Breathe in deep, thoughts they flow
I find it hard to let them go
Shapes appearing, trying to disturb
But still I’m safe inside of myself
Silent fear, – I don’t care of…
Cosmic will, – this fragile source
Central power, -twofaced force
No light without darkness
No tree of life without its roots
Far from outside stepping in
Taking hold of limbus’s grin
You never may decide about what’s wrong or right

Inverted scene …

Reaching the point of no return swallowing thee
A central force is leading, – driven by your fear
Imagination fades to real, – you’re flying through
All covered thoughts begin to live

Black heart, I’m you delirium, follow me
Your pain is tasteful food foe me, I am here

Reaching the point of no return …

Black heart